I have signed up and uploaded a template, however, I cannot see it in the repository.

Uploaded templates are reviewed with respect to certain criteria, such as usability, look-and-feel and content, before they are activated. Review phase can take about a week. You will get a notification mail when your template is approved and activated.

I need a template but I cannot find it in SpreadsheetZONE. How can I request for a new template?

You can use "Contact us" page to inform us about your template request. Your request will certainly be considered. Feel free to write a detailed message describing the template and its fucntionality. We will do our best to include it in our future template list.

I cannot find the category that I need in your categories list.

You can use "Contact us" page to inform us about your category request. Adding some template ideas about the new category in your message will be helpful. Your request will certainly be considered.

How can I be informed about the latest templates ?

SpreadsheetZONE is a growing template repository. In order to get the latest updates you need to follow the steps below:

  • Choose a template that you want to download.
  • Click the "Download" link.
  • You will be directed to a page that asks you if you want to get the latest update information.
  • Enter your email address and click "Download Template".

You will get an email with the latest uploaded templates by categories every month.

What is SpreadsheetWEB?

SpreadsheetWEB is a software provided by Pagos, Inc. which allows creating web applications using only MS Excel (without the necessity of programming experience). Most of the functions, charts and features of MS Excel are available for SpreadsheetWEB applications. Also, it provides online features like, saving forms (allows to create a collection of online forms like surveys, questionnaires, requests, etc.), creating authorized user groups, creating online databases and processing the data with SQL functions, etc. For more detailed information please visit:

What is the difference between "Live-Preview: SpreadsheetWEB" and "Template: Download" links on template pages?

Most of the templates in our repository are created in 2 versions for the following usage:

  1. Desktop Use: For desktop use, you can download the Excel template using the "Download" link of the template.

  2. Online Use: This version of the template provides all features of the Excel template and can be used online. "SpreadsheetWEB" (Live-Preview) link displays a sample of the online template. You can use some of the templates like calculators directly from this link. However, some templates are specialized for your own use. In order to use online templates for personal or business purposes you need to get an evaluation account by following the steps in the link below:


    Also the "Readme" sheet of the downloaded Excel template will guide you to create your online application. For more detailed information about SpreadsheetWEB, also refer to Q3 (What is SpreadsheetWEB?).


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