THE ULTIMATE POP MUSIC QUIZ UK 1990s QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS The Ultimate Pop Quiz UK1990s gives you a random date and asks you to give the name of the artist and the name of the tune which was number one on that date. Can you really excel yourself by entering how many weeks it stayed at number 1? If you get the correct answers points will be awarded. If you really don’t know the answer either type in “pass” and go back later, or type in “tell me” and the answer will be revealed. If you can’t get the answer from just the date alone then type in Tell Me for either the band or song and try to guess the missing answers. With an option to turn on all possible answers in alphabetical order so you can remember all possible answers and try to fill in the gaps The ultimate pop quiz UK Covers all the number 1 tunes from the 1990’s and will ask you in a random order for every number one in that decade. This really is the ultimate challenge for any UK pop lover

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