This template is an overall fixture for NFL 2012 Season. The dates of upcoming games can be viewed as well as results for played games can be entered. The template automatically calculates the scores of teams to update the score history with new inputs. The score history has been aggregated by division, by conference and by overall league. With this template you will have a hands-on NFL monitoring tool in your hand and once the season is over, it will be a perfect archive to be kept in your records.

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  • DP

    David Perez

    18 Nov 22:55

    All good till week 9 (inputing scores and having league standings reflect accurate W/ L) ...after that some team slots don't accurately adjust to new scores...ditto for PF/PA stats....oterwise a good tool to have. Can the creator of this spreadsheet check into this and send an updated revision? TY!


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