This units converter has three dropdown menus: Convert, From, and To. Over 400 conversions are provided for Convert categories of area, astronomy, capacity, cooking, density, energy, fuel consumption, length, power, pressure, speed, temperature, time, torque, volume, weight.

A button provides printable TABLES. For example:
Convert (length) From (km) To (miles), start (10km), incr of (5km), until (25km), with 2 decimal places, creates this table:

km miles
10.00 6.21
15.00 9.32
20.00 12.43
25.00 15.54

A button provides 'Chaining'. An example of temperature chaining:
100 Celsius(C) = 212 Fahrenheit(F) = 373.15 Kelvin(K) = 671.67 Rankine(Ra) = 80 Reaumur(Re)

Customize this converter by editing, adding, or deleting rows in the sheet2 master. A button brings up a form for easily adding new conversions, including entirely new categories!

There is a Help tab. Excel 2003 with VBA macros.

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