This spreadsheet was designed to manage the budget and expenses for a 2-income household with a mortgage (and associated expenses), 2 vehicles, and most bill-paying done with a credit card that is paid in full every month in order to maximize benefits (points, cash back, etc.). It includes monthly "payments" into a separate account that is used to pay large bills that are due annually or semi-annually, such as insurance and property taxes; transfers into a higher-interest online savings account for emergency funds (at least 6 months of annual income should be built up into that account); and an account for anything left over that can be allocated to splurges or deposited into a retirement account if it isn't being used to pay bills. Anywhere a $0.00 appears in the template, the worksheet is either calculating that field or pulling that number from elsewhere on the spreadsheet. None of the cells are locked and the sheet is not protected so modifying it should be simple.

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