This is a macro enabled excel template. It is designed mainly for the use in offices to track petty cash expenses. All the processes are automated so that it can act as a complete system and to ensure security. The unique features of the new system are given below. 1. Uses excel itself as the database. 2. Database is not visible to anyone. 3. Alterations and deletions can be only made within the constraints of the level of security chosen by the user or some other person. 4. Security can be made by choosing password. 5. All entries are made easy and error free with the use of ActiveX support. Note:-Macros must be enabled in excel before the file can be used.

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  • NA


    28 Aug 04:51

    There is problem with this sheet.

  • RC

    Roy Cox

    26 Sep 06:23

    Total rubbish. Amateurish code

  • BG


    22 Feb 06:24

    need pwd to get...

  • JV

    Jay Vinchurkar

    27 Sep 03:14

    Good one but how unprotect the sheet ........

  • br

    bilal rasheed

    09 May 01:09

    how to get password?????? why the hell did i waste my time for this sheet when there isnt any information regarding passwords anywhere......uselesss


    Raju Prajapati

    01 May 22:04

    Good Sheet but give me passward

  • se

    sherif eissa

    17 Feb 21:54


  • JG

    Joyce Gernale

    22 Oct 21:26

    thank you

  • ja

    jihad alhalabi

    03 Jul 03:40

    Compile error in hidden module: Sheet1. There are hidden sheets and file is prtected

  • LH

    Linda Hall Drake

    07 Jan 17:05

    Thanks for the comments below. Glad I did not try it.

  • AB

    Asif Bukhari

    08 Dec 05:25

    I dont understand the attitude.......If the creater doesnt want this file used by others then why these files are here for us....... its better to ban these owners from uploading these contents....(Password Protected Sheets)

  • TJ

    TR JMA

    30 Oct 13:11

    I don't understand how on Earth this sheet could have four stars. It's utterly useless due to the the "Ccompile error in hidden ..." mentioned in several other comments. One star is too many!

  • SK

    Saravanan Kumar

    22 Jul 23:54

    there is a problem "Compile error in hidden module Sheet 1"

  • AK

    Antoine Kahale

    24 Jun 00:21

    what is the password to unprotect the sheet??

  • MA


    02 Jun 05:45

    good sheet

  • SE

    Sherif Elgaban

    19 Mar 23:14

    I agree with Mr Alyas Gondal. there is a problem "Compile error in hidden module Sheet 1"

  • sm

    saba merium

    27 Aug 06:30

    has any one used it how to do that?

  • AG

    Alyas Gondal

    05 Jul 07:53

    There is problem with this spreadsheet. "Compile error in hidden module Sheet 1" Can any one feedback on this please?

  • ps

    patricia smith

    26 Jan 16:37

    don't know yet - only just downloaded


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