Budget Calculator is used for budgeting home expenses which includes tution fees, outing, purchasing through Credit Card, Loan availed, Loan paid etc.

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  • na

    najadh abdulla

    19 May 12:28


  • as

    adham saqr

    21 Apr 23:45


  • JB

    Jayaraj Bailur

    30 Jan 22:34

    Hi Ajay Need Password to unprotect the sheet Jayaraj

  • AR

    Ajay Raman

    23 Mar 07:17

    Hi Hershey Thompson, thanks a lot for commenting on this excel file. Hope you didnt read the INSTRUCTION SHEET at all. If you read this you should not comment. You dont know the functionality of this file. Please gothrough this sheet and implement it and get back to me at send mail to ajay.k.raman@gmail.com.

  • HT

    Hershey Thompson

    10 Feb 01:29

    Cannot edit the sheet coz the file is protected! useless!

  • hs

    haytham sherif

    22 Nov 22:04

    perfect sheet

  • AG

    Ahmed Gad

    04 Nov 07:04

    nice file indeed

  • AM


    13 Aug 03:41


  • JD

    Jeff Duke

    30 Jan 06:03

    Thanks for creating the Budget Calculator template! I would certainly like to enjoy using it, however I would need to convert to US Dollars vs INR, and I would also need to be able to add or delete various line items i.e. expense line items... for my personal style. Are you providing the password to un-lock the worksheets? If not, I respect your decision, but would not be able to use the spreadsheet at all. Thanks

  • SS

    Satyendra Singh

    01 Nov 01:43

    hi ajay, i am downloading the budget calculator sheet but i am not able to enter any new entry in this it is password protected sheet you uploaded in the site. please provide me the password of it


    Usman Ghani

    24 Sep 09:05


  • SR

    Sonoo RAMAN

    17 Jan 01:01

    Hi Ajay Raman, This is Roney from Australia. I download this calculator and loved it very much. I would like to convert this file in Dollers. please send me the password so that i can do it on my own. pls do the needful. Thanks, Roney

  • RR

    Rashin Rahman

    11 Nov 23:42

    Hi Ajay Raman. First of all thanks to you for making this template for people like us in India . It is very useful and made easy. But I wish to add some changes of my own for my personal use only. There are some titles which I have no use and wish to create my own items. but looks like the 2nd and 3rd sheets have been procted by a password. if you could kindly email me the password , will be highly appreciable. so that I can start using your work for my personal use at home only. Thank you . fro

  • BM

    Bachu Mahaliya

    11 Sep 08:17

    This file is not open due to not .xls

  • ns

    nazar sapri

    04 Sep 19:14

    this data can changes to malaysia rm not india

  • ns

    nazar sapri

    04 Sep 18:45

    can you make this data for use in malaysia thanks you


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