If the quality control system has more than one quality variables, it is not practical to maintain separate control charts for each variable. An overall quality control and evaluation mechansim will be useful. In this template, "the p chart" method is used. In each time unit (hour, day, week, etc.), daily production amount and number of defectice items are two of three inputs. Then, daily reject rates are evaulated by some statististical comparison techniques. A statistics is derived from daily reject rate (z value) and, if the statistics is greater than acceeptable limit, it is concluded the process is out of control at this day and the reasons should be examined. The main factor for determining the acceptable limit is the σ (sigma) policy of the company. Before using the template, it is required to enter the current σ policy of quality control department. Then, daily production amount number of defectives are entered day by day. Finally, you can see the quality performance of the

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